Wi So Mobile is an innovation company based in Barcelona. We consult for international clients to help them become successful in the 21st century. Besides our client-based work, we also develop our own products and services, primarily in the education sector. We pride ourselves for our innovation and digital expertise.

The Alice World

Alice is a cute and intelligent rabbit who will follow your kids through the first steps in learning preschool subject, and setting the foundations of learning in a fun and playful way.

The Alice World Series teaches preschoolers basic knowledge of letters, words, numbers, colors and shapes. They are fun and easy to use applications with creative sounds, music and visuals.


iLearn&Fun is an innovative, interactive and playful brand developing educational applications for basic school concepts.

Our strategy is to enable today's children to learn and practice their skills outside of school.
Why not let them play and practice in the car, at the restaurant or on the go?

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08006 Barcelona, Spain
Telephones: +34 93 164 06 23
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